3 days left of National Walking Week


It is rather late to be telling you but May is National Walking Week.

People are being encouraged to walk for their own health, to avoid damage to the environment from unnecessary car journeys and to enjoy their surroundings.

Graphic showing that 88% of people improve their mood with a walkEven though it is late in the month, you may still want to find out more and be encouraged to walk at http://www.livingstreets.org.uk/national-walking-month.

You can also click on the graphic on the left to find out about Living Streets on Facebook


The Woodland Trust is also using National Walking Week to highlight walks in their woods.  There are a number of their woods near Mayfield including Minepits Shaw in Mayfield itself, Little Foxes Copse in Hadlow Down and Brock Wood in Burwash Common.  Find out more about local woods by clicking here.

Even if you do not have a chance to check these out during May, the sites can provide useful information, motivation and routes for the future.

Happy Walking

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