Welcome to Routopedia, your guide to outdoor routes to enjoy whether you are walking alone, with family, friends or with dogs;  or want to go faster by jogging or running; or if you are cycling or horse riding.  These routes will allow you to enjoy the outdoors, its sights, sounds and smells, while benefitting from healthy exercise.

This is a new venture, and to begin we added routes in and around the lovely village of Mayfield and its sister village of Five Ashes, both of which lie in the High Weald district of East Sussex, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

Unfortunately, due to other commitments, we have not had much time to add new routes or to update them in the last few years. So you will find that some of the stiles mentioned have now been replaced by gates, and a few have even disappeared.   But none of the routes have changed significantly.

Our aim is to provide a service:

  • routes that meet your criteria - choose from a selection of routes by length or type, or even time or difficulty. Choose whether it is suitable for dogs, horses or bikes, or select something  with places of interest, areas that are easily accessible with suitable refreshment stops
  • up to date information –  as well as checking routes ourselves, our aim is to make it easy for you to share your comments so everyone can benefit from your updates, tips and experiences
  • comprehensive  – we aim to add as many routes as possible in each area we cover.  So we always welcome new route suggestions

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