About us


Routopedia is your guide to outdoor routes to enjoy whether it is for a walk (alone, with friends or with dogs), to ride (either to cycle or riding on horses), or to go faster by jogging or running.  The routes allow you to enjoy the outdoors, its sights, sounds and smells, while benefiting from healthy exercise.

We have only just started this site and to begin with we are adding routes in and around the lovely village of Mayfield in the Wealden district of East Sussex, England.  But over time we plan to spread further.

Our aim is to provide a service :

  • where you can find routes that meet your needs – of a particular length or type; suitable for people on foot or with dogs or horses or bikes; easy or challenging; something different from your normal routes; with things to things to see, hear and explore to suit different interests; easily accessible; with suitable places to pause and stop
  • that encourages responsible use and management of paths, bridleways, byways and roads
  • with interesting and relevant information that is up to date – as well as checking routes ourselves, we will make it easy for you to share your comments so everyone else can benefit from your updates, tips and experiences
  • which provides as many routes as possible in each area we cover.  So we always welcome new route suggestion
  • growing a community of users who enjoy sharing experiences, information and activities and are enabled to meet offline as well as online

From its limited beginnings we will be working to provide more and more personalisation (the type and amount of information you want, in the format you want including printed or on mobile phone) and more comprehensive information (choose of routes and information that matches your interests)

The people behind this site are:

Photo of Roger StoneRoger Stone: keen walker (and runner when his knee allows), dog-walker (though Shelly, the labrador is too old for long walks nowadays)  and has been known to cycle.  A resident of Mayfield, East Sussex for the last 11 years, he has been on most of the footpaths and bridleways listed, often many times and loves to try out new routes.  As someone interested in new businesses, he is also keen to see how Routopedia can be expanded and put on a good financial footing while ensuring that it always serves the needs of its users first.

Jerry Watkiss: a graphic designer based in Mayfield who specialises in creative graphic design for business literature (logos, leaflets, graphics, adverts, websites, etc.) ensuring that companies make a great first impression and convey the right message to the target audience.  Jerry is another who loves walking and has been an invaluable member of the Mayfield and Five Ashes Rights of Way committee for a number of years.  Find out more about Jerry’s creative design service here.


Chris Lilly: Chris has been involved in a number of successful startups as well as large companies as a director, NED, management and technology, coach and mentor.  Also a resident of Mayfield he is a former horse-rider and can often be seen walking with his German Shepherd, Josh.


Our thanks go to

  • Tim Cornish for his article on Mayfield Gunfoundry as well as much useful information on historical sites and remains that can be seen on many of the Mayfield walks listed here
  • Joan Redford for supplying ideas for a number of routes based on her extensive knowledge of the footpaths round Mayfield and Five Ashes

Please let us know how we are doing and what you think.  Your feedback is not only welcome but is vital to us and will help us determine how we develop this website to server you needs.