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Welcoming the chiffchaffs

Image of a chiffchaffI must admit I could not recognise a chiffchaff – until I looked at images on Google.

But on a run this morning near Combe Farm, just on the Mayfield/Wadhurst parish boundary, I saw a twitcher looking through binoculars.  As I passed him I asked if he had seen anything interesting.

He replied that he had just seen the first chiffchaff of the spring.  The tiny bird, the size of a 50p piece, had migrated back from Africa, and was now enjoying (we hope) a bit of English sunshine.

A real sign that spring has arrived.

The bluebells are out

The bluebells are now out and unless you hurry, you may miss them at their best. The warm weather has brought them out early this year but apparently because it has been fairly dry they are not likely to last long so try to catch them before the middle of next week. Please do let… Continue Reading