Development principles


The very first post on this blog set out our long-term aims for this site.

Tying in with this are two of our fundamental development principles:

– openness
– community involvement

First of all we want to be open about what we are doing and why. So we published our objectives for 2015 at the beginning of the year. We also want to the site to be as open as possible so that you can easily use the information in any way you want.

Secondly, we want to involve those who use the routes on the site. The site will only reach its potential if you, the users, are interested in giving us your feedback: your opinions of the routes, your experiences, the updates and news from which others can benefit. But we have to develop it initially to show you why that will be worthwhile. At present we are still very much building the basics. We hope you can already catch glimpses of an interesting future for it.

Soon we will be revealing new ways to help you find routes of interest, as well as a few more new routes. Then, as always, we would love to have your feedback.

Let us have your opinion