Fighting through a hedgerow near Wellbrook


Photo of overgrown hedge preventing easy access to a stileYou can just about see the stile behind the hedge in the picture. It was a real fight to get through the hedge and into the field beyond last Sunday (17th April 2016). But I rarely let anything stop me,  so I tried to pin back the brambles and pushed my way through, collecting some impressive scratches on the way.

I have reported the problem to East Sussex County Council so hopefully it will be fixed relatively soon (you can report any footpath problem, as well as other issues with roads etc. on the fixmystreet website). It may even be one of the tasks assigned to the voluntary group in Mayfield who clear footpaths and repair stiles, in which case I may end up helping to clear it myself.

In the meantime, I suggest avoiding this footpath (M&FA 79, which meets the A267 between Wellbrook and Mere’s Lane and whose northern end is on Fir Toll Road on the drive leading to Naylor’s Farm Cottages) especially if you do not like mud – there is about 3 inches to wade through at the lowest point of the path.

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