Image of a map showing details of a geocacheToday I found my first geocache, well hidden in a stile in Mayfield.

For those who do not know, geocaches are small containers hidden in many countries all over the world.

Go to the geocaching website and look on a map to find out where there are caches near you.  You can then try to find them using the locations given and, if necessary, clues.  You can also leave behind small objects for others to find and anyone can create their own caches.

Finding caches can add fun to a walk for children or adults.

The cache I found was on Mayfield and Five Ashes footpath 14, which starts at the very bottom of Vale Road, beyond the Bowls Club, bearing slightly left across the fields by Versyns Farm and Longs Farm and coming out on Piccadilly Lane by Old Sandalls.

Have fun if you decide to do some geocaching yourself.  Routopedia will look at adding details of geocaches on some routes and even adding routes based round geocaches.



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