I needed webbed feet


Today I went for a walk. I am trying to walk as many footpaths and routes as possible before promoting this site in Mayfield and so any opportunity when it is not pouring with rain has to be taken.

Picture of a flooded footpath in Mayfield, East Sussex

My route was Walk 2 from the “Guide to Walks around Mayfield and Five Ashes” which no longer seems to be in print. It started out sunny but it was incredibly muddy and wet. The photo on the left shows part of footpath 51a which runs behind Southmead Close.  You would be forgiven for thinking it was a stream not a path.


During the middle of the walk there was a hailstorm which was inconvenient.  The touchscreen on my phone, which I was using to take photos, stopped responding because of the rain for a while but luckily started working again as the rain stopped.  I must remember to pack a cloth to dry my phone on  the next walk.

Phot of my shadow as the sun came out

For the first two hours I did not see another walker – hardly surprising given the wet and muddy conditions underfoot, although the views were lovely and it was great to be outside (mostly) in the dry.  Towards the end I spotted a walker and dog – he was striding downhill in a field while I slipped and slithered up  a very muddy path.  Then the sun came out again right at the end.  A welcome sight which caused my shadow to join me again


Photo of mud all over walking trousers


Home after 2 hours and a chance to get out of clothes that were very muddy indeed


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