It must be spring


Footpath sign bottom of 15a MFAThe weather has turned much better with reducing amounts of rain and much more sun. Wonderful for all those who love getting out on footpaths which are starting to dry out, though this will take a long time.

The change in weather also coincides with us doing the last preparations to the website before we promote it to the first selected set of users/reviewers. Up until now, we have not hidden the site but we have done practically nothing to make it easy to find.

If you have stumbled upon it by chance, you are very welcome and we would be delighted to have any relevant feedback or suggestions.

But from next week we will be telling a small group of our friends and acquaintances in Mayfield and Five Ashes about this site and asking them to to give us their input. These are people we know to be keen users of the paths and roads round our villages (and in Wealden generally) so we value their thoughts and will use them to refine the site and its information before going out to a wider group of users.

It is very much a case of step by step progress, and it is better to take lots of little steps quickly to begin with so that we can check that we are going in the right direction.

Let us have your opinion