It’s begun


Photo of muddy gateway in Mayfield during January rainsHello, and an especially big welcome to anyone who enjoys walking, jogging, cycling, running or horse-riding on paths, tracks and bridleways – and maybe also on roads if the route demands it or the weather makes it advisable.  With all the rain recently the paths are certainly difficult to navigate.

We are just starting to build this website which aims

  • to make it easier to find routes that suit you – whatever distance you want, however easy or challenging, whether on foot, wheel or horseback, whether alone, in a small or large group and/or with animals and whatever mixture of good exercise, countryside views, places of interest or fascinating wildlife
  • to provide up to date information on the state of routes, as seasons change with their associated vegetation, crops and farm animals; and as weather conditions make conditions easier or harder
  • to offer somewhere you can share with others who have the same interests as you –  commenting on routes and giving updates, asking questions, finding information, exchanging opinions and just having a chat.  There will even be the chance to track your own outings

Maybe you are thinking that there are already a lot of websites and mobile apps that offer route finding and tracking.  You are right, there are and we love some of their features.  But we believe that we can offer something that

  • is more comprehensive: covering all the footpaths, bridleways and by-ways in an area as well as some road routes
  • offers more selection: to find routes that are right for walkers, dog-walkers, cyclists and horse-riders as well as those that are easy to access by car or public transport and of varying distance and difficulty
  • is more up to date with latest updates some of which will come from us and many from you as you experience the routes

It is an ambitious target and we obviously have to start off small and grow.  To begin with we will cover routes around Mayfield, in the lovely Wealden area of East Sussex because this is where we are based.

We would love to have your feedback, particularly if you use routes around Mayfield and can comment on our initial descriptions, but also the feedback from anyone who is interested.  Your ideas, comments, criticism and suggestions are welcome (subject to the usual rules of decency and legality!)

Let us have your opinion