Lack of progress but stile repaired

Photo of old stile before it was replaced
Old stile before replacement

Apologies to everyone visiting this site who has been expecting new routes and improvements to the methods of choosing a route.  We had promised progress on this but we have been delayed by other (paid) work so it has taken a back seat.

Realistically there will not be much more progress before the end of the summer.


However, we have been doing some work helping keep the footpaths around Mayfield accessible for users.  Today it was replacing a stile on Newick Lane just to the north of St Dunstan’s Bridge (the end of footpath 21d for those that know their local footpath numbers).

Photo of new stile
Replacement stile
The old stile, which was very rickety, is shown at the top of the post and the new one is here – morestable and hopefully the dog latch is also now more accessible.



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