Plans for 2015


Extract from map showing the area of Mayfield, East SussexOur apologies for the lack of progress on this site during 2014.  We started with good intentions to add new routes regularly and update the features in small steps every couple of months.  Unfortunately paid work took priority and we had less time than we had planned and hoped.  Even a reduced plan to add a route a week at the end of the year did not make it.

It looks as though we will have more time in 2015 and we still have the enthusiasm to add a comprehensive set of routes for Mayfield and Five Ashes at the very least.  However, other plans are still to be finalised so we do not want to promise and fail to deliver once again.  We will start to add information and routes again and base future plans on what we have actually achieved.

Watch out for our report cards during 2015 showing what we have actually achieved – and, as before, please give us feedback and let us know what you would like.

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