Ramblers Big Pathwatch


Yesterday morning I heard about the Big Pathwatch on the Today Programme on Radio 4. I tried to download the app immediately but there was not enough space on my mobile phone and I was confused about logging in or registering (I am not a member of the Ramblers Association but I have registered on their website for news). Anyhow, I could not complete the action straightaway but I have just registered and selected two squares around my house.

I have to walk the paths in the square and report back on them.

A great idea to involve as many people as possible in reporting on our paths – just what Routopedia wants to do, though we would like this to be a continual process with local groups ensuring information on their local paths are kept up to date. I am not sure whether Ramblers see this as an ongoing project or one to be run at regular intervals.

I shall participate and record my findings here. Meanwhile, I would encourage others to sign up for the Big Pathwatch themselves

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