Vanguard way closure – live map updates


Photo of field of buttercups and dandelions in sunshine from Vanguard Way 5th June 2016Today I went on a run with some friends from Crowborough Runners.

It was a glorious day and we enjoyed running in the sunshine, chatting as we went and stopping to enjoy the views from time to time.  Our route was a loop: from the Crow & Gate on the A27 just south of Crowborough to High Hurstwood and back.

There were lots of lovely paths and some quiet roads.

But we found one major problem.  We went on a part of the Vanguard Way that is closed for repairs.  At first we just thought the path was overgrown and then we came to a bridge that had been blocked off with a footpath the other side that had partially fallen away.  It was a scramble through brambles and nettles and over a stream to get round.

The moral of our adventure is that we should have checked on the East Sussex website listing footpath closures.

It also has reinforced my view of the great value of route maps showing up to date information when you are choosing where to walk/run/ride.

That is what Routopedia is aiming to provide.

If such a map already exists, please let me know below.  Or please leave any other comments about route closures and updates.

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