1.7 mile loop round Woolbridge near Horleigh Green


Latest status

LATEST STATUS: April 2015 – need to climb over two leaning metal gates tied together at one point

Hazards: Paths can be muddy and slippery on the hills

Image of wooden fingerpost showing Mayfield one and a half miles

walk50x50 A short walk with just two sharp, but not long, uphill sections
Length 1.7 miles (2.7km)
Terrain Mainly on paths with short distances on generally quiet roads (without pavements)
Points of interest 15th century Brook Farm
Difficulty Easy
Time 30–60 minutes
Suitability Walkers, joggers
Start Horleigh Green at junction of Horleigh Green Road with northern branch of Fir Toll Road
Public transport No 52 bus, between Heathfield and Tunbridge Wells to Butchers Cross, then 1 mile north along Horleigh Green Road
Parking Park in small layby (room for a couple of cars) on east side of Horleigh Green Road, opposite entrance to Freemans Oast, just before junction with northern branch of Fir Toll Road. (OS map reference TQ 562 268)

Photo of Brook Farm Horleigh Green
From the layby turn north to come to the junction with the northern branch of Fir Toll Road in 20yds.  Continue on the main road and then in a further 50yds turn right down Five Ashes Road and pass Ordnance Place which has an unusual part brick, part light stone façade. Carry on along the road for about 250yds passing a footpath and then Brook Farm, a lovely 15th century building on your right, then another footpath going off to your left. Where the road turns to the right just after a bridge, turn sharp right onto a footpath.

Go through a metal gate and climb gently on a path between trees and bushes for about 100 yards to reach a stile. Over the stile keep straight on the right hand side of a field and continue straight across the last part of the field to a bridge after about 200 yards.  Go up 4 steps and over the bridge, and bear right through a small band of trees to another stile.

After this stile you go steadily uphill on the left side of the field, then head down the other side to a stile at the far side. Beyond this, go on the narrow path ahead between fences, ignoring a path that comes in from the right.  Shortly you arrive at another stile and then reach a driveway where you turn right and head towards the road.  10 yards before the road turn right across a small plank bridge and go between hedge on right and fence on left then cross a drive and continue down with hedge on right to the road.

Ignore the footbridge leading off right and follow the road for 100 yards while it drops gently and rises again.  Just before the next driveway (for Monks Manor) turn right through a small gate and go between fence on left and hedge on right, continuing now between hedges for a few yards then keep straight on through the remains of a stile and go on right side of field to the corner where you turn left continuing to follow the edge.

Halfway along this side of the field, turn right over the stile then keep to the right of a line of trees which stick out into the next field.  Continue straight to the other side of the field, go through a gap in the hedge then bear right in the following field down to the far bottom corner where you go through a gate.

Climb slightly on the right side of the next field to the next corner. To get into the following field you may need to climb the gates which have been tied across the opening (as at April 2015).  Once over them, turn left to keep the hedge on your left and climb the field to the top.  You have to go over one more stile and then bear very slightly left to reach the Argos Hill Road again.

Turn left on the road and retrace the beginning part of the walk, turning left again at the road junction and soon arriving back at the layby where you parked.