6 mile loop between Five Ashes and Newick Lane


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A 6 mile walk revealing some of the stunning countryside of the High Weald
Length 10km (6.25 miles)
Terrain Mainly footpaths with some quiet roads and one slightly busier road
Difficulty Moderate
Time 90 – 180 minutes
Suitability Walkers and runners
Start Small green in middle of Five Ashes on east side of A267 by the pedestrian lights
Public transport No 251/252 bus, Heathfield to Tunbridge Wells stops right by the green.
Parking Park around the small green (room for a handful of cars) -OS map reference TQ 558 248


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Set off down Leeds Lane, the road that leads away from the main A267 Heathfield to Tunbridge Wells Road. It is a quiet road and it would be suprising if you met more than two or three cars in the next 3/4 mile.  However there are no pavements so you should stay alert and keep dogs under control.

Photo of the side view of Leeds Meade taken from Leeds LaneLook out for the lovely Leeds Meade on your right as you leave the village and then meander along the lane as it descends gently with views over fields on your left towards Wellbrook on the edge of Mayfield.  In about 3/4 mile you come to a junction with Mere’s Lane where you turn left and climb for about 200 yards, passing Mere’s Farm on your right.

Turn right over the stile to the side of wooden gates and go through the next gate to follow the concrete track for 100 yards, through another gate as the track turns left and then in 20 yards turn left through gate to path in field which keeps close to right hand hedge. Into next field where the path goes at a angle away from the right hand edge. On the far side of the field you come to a junction where you ignore the path to the right and continue straight ahead descending on the right hand side of the next field, going through an gate and shortly coming to a footbridge at the edge of a band of trees.

On the other side of the footbridge, take the path through the trees to the stile at the end and then climb on the right side of a field, over a stile at the side of a large wire gate and then up to another stile next to a barn. Turn right down the side of the barn then left onto track in front of barn for 200 yards as it goes past the buildings of Knowle, turns right and left and comes to a road (Knowle Hill).

Photo of beautiful half-tiled half-timbered house on path from Claytons FarmTurn right onto the road and be aware of traffic as you follow it for almost 1/2 mile, first as it twists and descends out of Mayfield and then on a long straight section. At the end of the straight, where the road turns left, go straight down tarmac drive for 400 yards, then turn right in front of a beautiful half-timbered, half-tiled house through a tunnel underneath the disused railway line between Mayfield and Heathfield.

Turn left on the other side for 50 yards then turn right along a grassy track with fence on your left and trees and bushes on your right. At the end go through a small gate and across the next field initially keeping close to the right edge and then cutting straight across the last corner to a large gate. In the next field go straight for 50 yards until another path joins from the right when you turn half-left to cut across the field to another gate. Straight on through the next field to a double gate in the far corner on the left (the latch to open and close this gate is heavy). Go through the double gate and turn right onto a track which then climbs to come into Allen’s Farm.

Here there is a junction of footpaths and you turn left through the farmyard and along the track at the far end for 20 yards. Where the track turns left, carry straight through a gate onto a path (often muddy) between trees. Climb up to a stile by the side of a gate and then go slightly right across a field to the top where you go through a kissing gate. Then go right to another gate and right onto a wide farm track with wonderful views south and east to Burwash, Heathfield and beyond.

In 20 yards, turn left through gate into field and descend slightly right to stile into next field. Keep in same direction down next field to come to a further stile just to the right of where the corner of the next field juts into this one.  Once over the stile, climb over a small hump then descend to right hand corner of field next to pylon.  Climb over the stile and go right onto a track, ignoring footpath off left into woods.  Keep on the wide track as it goes along the bottom of a field then turns right to climb beside it.  Keep climbing on the track to come eventually to a kissing gate with green sheds ahead on the right.

Past the gate you go along a farm track and then through a gate to go right on a lane with trees on your right, passing houses and an attractive pond to come to a road junction.  Bear left and you are now on quiet public roads for just over a mile.  After about 400 yards you come to a turning right downhill on Frog Hole Lane.  Just before this, notice the views towards Five Ashes on the ridge to your right.

Go downhill on Frog Hole Lane then uphill to regain the same height and in 1/2 mile you come back to the A267 Heathfield-Tunbridge Wells Road.  Here you turn right and follow the pavement alongside the main road for 300m to return to the starting point.